More arrests of Kurdish and Pro-Kurd activists in Turkey


Executive Murat Kur arrested on the 5th of December

In the past months, hundreds of Kurdish activists and Pro-Kurdish activists have been arrested. Among them, politicians, writers and political thinkers detained on questionable grounds in Turkey. Recent arrests have been made, once again on the grounds that they have ‘hidden’ links with KCK.

In Diyarbakır, two people, including a student of Dicle University, were taken into custody and transferred to the Erzincan Enes Bedes Police Station.

In Hakkari, Ramazan Altınoluk, 27, was detained in the Esendere town of the city and transferred to the Yüksekova Police Department.

In Şırnak, 11 minor Kurds were taken into custody following a blanket house raids launched subsequent to a mass meeting to support imprisoned Kurdish politicians. Read more.