International delegation investigates Turkey’s alleged use of chemical weapons


Body of one PKK rebel killed in October

Turkish armed forces (TSK) have attacked Kurdish regions in the past months, and years. On more than two instances, there has been indications that chemical weapons were used. In October 19, 2011, 24 PKK rebels were killed by TSK in Çukurca district. Families of the victims were distressed and claimed chemical weapons had been used because the bodies were scorched, burnt and in some cases mutilated.

Similarly, in 2010 Kurdish activists sent numerous photos of PKK rebels that were maimed and scorched to German Experts, and they concluded that it was “highly probable that the eight kurds died due to the use of chemical substances”. The Turkish government dismissed these claims as mere propaganda, but soon afterwards the Turkish government ordered an autopsy of the PKK fighters, but the results were not revealed.

An international delegation from Europe visited the Kazan Valley this week in Çukurca to investigate these concerns among Kurdish people. Samples have been taken in the areas that were bombed and a group of experts will be reveal the results in the coming weeks. The delegation included;

  • (1) Feleknas Uca, former member of the European Parliament
  • (2) German parliamentarian Jan Van Aken
  • (3) German and French lawyers Clementine Frances, Benjamin Hiller, Marie Avpert, Aledeuy Ledrein Aveco and Torre Dominulle.

Warning: Video below is graphic, it shows some of the bodies of PKK rebels at the Morgue being photographed that were killed in October.