Fascist Turks protest ‘Kurdish people should apologise for Dersim massacre’


The National Party (Ulusal Parti) protested today in Turkey following the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyib Erdogan apology over the Dersim massacre where thousands of Kurdish civilians were systematically killed. The nationalist party held up banners saying, ‘We are with Ataturk’s ideology‘ and ‘People of Dersim should apologise to the state‘.

One of the signs held up says, ‘We are on Sabiha’s way’. Sabiha Gökçen was the adopted daughter of Attaturk and the first female pilot who was directly involved in the Dersim massacre with her Breguet 19, she dropped bombs from her plane killing children, women and men indiscriminately in 1937.

This illustrates that despite Erdogan’s apology, there are fascist people who are unwilling to acknowledge Kurdish grievances. One Kurdish writer, Nuri Dersimi whose daughter committed suicide while trying to escape from Turkish armed forces, and whose brother was killed by them wrote ‘All who tried to escape or sought refuge with the army were rounded up. The men were shot on the spot, the women and children were locked into hay sheds’, that were set fire to’.