Busting Moves for the Revolution: Kurdish Songs Against Assad


As the Syrian revolution runs into its ninth month, protesters on the ground in Syria have yet to run out of ideas to creatively express their discontent with the regime and their demand for freedom. Kurds have been no exception to this. Other than regular protests in the thousands that fill the streets of cities like Amûdê and Qamişlo, protesters have turned to more artistic methods of protest like artwork, graffiti, and songs. Three songs, featured here, have recently been uploaded to YouTube by Kurdish artists who use their voices and their talents to fight against the Assad regime.

One, a powerful Kurdish rap song, spits out fierce words alongside a photo montage that shows off the best protests and protest signs, most of which express some sort of sentiment of solidarity with all of Syria and a strong Kurdish pride.

Another song, from the Amûdê Kurdish Youth Alliance, pokes fun at Bashar Assad with farcical drawings and amusing lyrics. “Bashar Lo Lo Lo Lo” is as radical as any rap song, using humor to make fun of the big-eared, long necked dictator who was considered untouchable before the revolution.

Another song from the Amûdê Kurdish Youth Alliance remixes the words of an classical Syrian song, “Skaba Ya Dum’oo el Ein”. Protesters throughout Syria have been singing a version of it in Arabic for several months, but this version is a unique, mournful version in Kurdish.

As the situation in Syria grows more tense politically within the international community, and as the violence of the Syrian regime increases daily, it is songs like these that serve as a reminder that the revolution is overwhelmingly fueled by youth who are willing to do whatever it takes, and use every creative tactic at their disposal, to bring down the regime and grant freedom and dignity to all in Syria.