Take Action to halt the execution of two Kurdish citizens in Iran!


Young Iranian Kurds Loghman Moradi and Zaniar Moradi have been fighting for their lives ever since they were sentenced to death by hanging by the Iranian regime on December 22nd, 2010.

The two men have spent years in Iranian prisons, fearful for their lives and repeatedly tortured. Zaniar Moradi was arrested in August, 2009, and Loghman Moradi was arrested in October, 2009. They were held for nine months and shuffled from detention center to detention center until they were accused by the Iranian regime of murdering the son of a senior cleric in Marivan, in North Eastern Iran, spying for Britain, and general “enmity against God” and “corruption on Earth”.

Iranian security guards tied these men to beds, lashed their bodies, and threatened them with rape in order to get them to “confess” to their crimes. Now that their death sentences have been upheld by the Iranian Supreme Court, Zaniar and Loghman Moradi are at risk of their sentence being carried out at any time. Prison officials allegedly told Zaniar’s family members that Zaniar “won’t need warm winter clothes, as he will soon be executed”.

According to Amnesty International, “At least 13 other Kurdish men and one Kurdish woman are believed to be on death row in connection with their alleged membership of and activities for proscribed Kurdish organizations. Some have had initial prison sentences increased to death sentences. At least 10 Kurds have reportedly been executed for political offences in recent years.”

Iran routinely uses executions as a means of suppressing political dissent and eliminating groups of people, including Kurds, that it deems a threat to its existence. In 2011, Iran has executed an estimated two people every day.

Let Iran know that the world is watching, and that these two Kurdish brothers shouldn’t be killed at all, much less based on confessions extracted under torture. Amnesty International has listed the information of key Iranian leaders. In addition, human rights group United4Iran has a pre-written letter prepared, waiting to be sent by you and and anyone you pass it along to.