Turmoil in Damascus: Kurdish Neighborhoods Join In Syrian Protests


Friday, 15 July 2011, the “Friday of the Free Prisoners” brought what some are describing as the largest demonstrations yet throughout Syria. Most poignantly, Damascus saw waves of protests and violence in one of the first significant weeks for the capital city. The total death toll nation-wide is estimated to be 32. Protests in Kurdish regions occurred in: Dêrik (Ar. Al-Malkiyeh), Amûdê (Amouda), Kobanî (Ein al-Arab), Qamişlo (Qamishly), Dirbêsî (Al-Darbasiyah), Hisiça (al-Hasakah), Serê Kaniyê (Ras el-Ein), the mostly Kurdish Damascus neighborhood Rukn Al Deen, and the Kurdish Aleppan neighborhood al-Ashrafiyeh.

Protests in Dêrik.

Girl carries a sign reading “I desire a free life” in Arabic and “Freedom” in Kurdish.

Protests in Serê Kaniyê

Large protests in Qamişlo


Enthusiastic protests in Amûdê displayed balloons in Kurdish colors, and signs in Kurdish and Arabic.

Protests in Dirbêsî

Protests in Riqn el Deen tragically ended in the death of three protesters:

Night protest:

Heavy shooting on protesters:

Women shot by Syrian security forces (graphic)
Injured protesters:
“The bullet won’t come out”:

Funeral of one of the martyrs: