Kurds Join the Syrian Protest Movement (Videos)


Protesters chant “God, Syria and just freedom” and then “freedom, freedom”, March 21, as Kurdish flags fly in the background. The chant is a take on the Baa’thist chant “God, Syria and Assad”.

Video from al-Qamishli on March 20 during the celebration of Nowruz. Protesters chant “freedom, freedom”. Previous celebrations of Nowruz were severely repressed in Syria. In 2008, four Kurds were killed as regime forces opened fire on celebrators in al-Qamishli. A celebration of Nowruz in the town of Ar-Raqah in 2010 was also quashed when police forces opened fire, killing two Kurds.

Nowruz celebrations in Al-Qamishli, March 20.

Nowruz celebration in Al-Qamishli, March 20. Protesters chant “Long Live Kurdistan” (in Kurdish)

Earlier on March 12, Kurds in Syria commemorated with a moment of silence the anniversary of the al-Qamishli massacre where on March 12, 2004 Syrian police opened fire at Kurdish protesters, killing 30 and injuring 160. Facebook video