25 Kurds die under mysterious circumstances while on military duty in Syria


Alkarama has just received preliminary information indicating the death of 25 men of Kurdish origin, under mysterious circumstances while they were performing their compulsory military service. The exact number of deaths in recent years under similar circumstance has yet to be accurately determined.

The story goes back to events in March 2004 in Qamishli, a northern Syrian city, when Syrian security forces used excessive force against men of Kurdish origin, resulting in several dead and a number of wounded.

Since the 2004 incidents, dozens of ethnic Kurds have died while performing their compulsory Syrian military duty, however the authorities claim that their deaths were caused either by heart attack, injury during the breakdown of military vehicles or a health crisis. However, the families of the victims have proof indicating otherwise; they confirmed that they saw gunshot wounds and bruises caused by torture on the bodies of their loved ones.

The phenomenon of ethnic Kurds dying while on Syrian military duty has become the cause of major concern amongst the families of ethnic Kurdish soldiers. Military service is compulsory in Syria and many now fear that for their lives in a place which is supposedly intended to be safe.

Due to the more recent events and the in the context of the general phenomenon, Alkarama calls for the Syrian authorities to immediately investigate the causes of death; to punish the perpetrators; and to compensate the victims, both morally and materially. Alkarama intends to submit the following cases to the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions:

1. Mohamed Sheikh Mohammed, born Sanary village, Afrin, Syria – Died on 23 October 2004

2. Mohammed Yuisu Ali, born in Karof village, Kobani, Syria in 1987 – Died on 28 March 2006

3. Idris Mahmoud Moussa, born in Tel Habash village, Amouda, Syria in 1981 – Died 29 February 2008

4. Farhad Ali Saif Khan, born in Qarouf village, Kobani, Syria in 1989 – Died on 3/7/2008

5. Shiar Yusuf, born in Dekkeh village, Afrin, Syria in 1990 – Died on 7 April 2008

6. Souar Tamu, born in Kordu village, Darbasia, Syria in 1988 – Died on 21 December 2008

7. Akeed Nawaf Al-Hassan, born in Tel Ayalon village, Darbasia, Syria – Died on 2 August 2008

8. Ibrahim Refaat Gawesh, born in Qustul Mukhtar village, Afrin, Syria 1990 – Died on 27 December 2008

9. Mohamed Bakr Sheikh Dada, born in Aadama village, Afrin, Syria in 1989 – Died on 13 January 2009

10. Barzan Al-Mahmoud Omar, born in Dahiya Allaya – Died on 13 April 2008

11. Luqman Hussein Sami, born in Biskih village, Afrin, Syria in 1986 – Died in mid-May 2008

12. Qassim Hamid, born in Hasakah province in 1982 – Died on 11 June 2004

13. Khalid Brkhaddan, Hamo, born in Boraz, Kobani, Syria – Died on 19 January 2009

14. Mahmoud Hanan Khalil, born in Kara Tiba village, Afrin, Syria

15. Khairy Burgess Jando, born in Amouda village, Syria – Died on April 2004

16. Khbat Barjis Jando, born in Afrin, Syria in 1991 – Died on 6 June 2010

17. Zia Mulla, born in Mashouq village, Syria – Died in April 2004

18. Ahmed Saadoun – Died on 12 May 2009

19. Khabat Shaikhamous – Died on 18 May 2009

20. Ahmed Abdul Rahim Khalil Mustafa

21. Malik Akash Chaabo

22. Aref Abdul-Aziz Al-Sayed Osman – Died on 26 June 2009

23. Hassan Mohamed Dero, born in Zur Mugwer village, Syria in 1981 – Died on 30 May 2010

24. Issa Baki Khalif, born in Kubani, Syria, born in 1991 – Died on 10 January 2010

25. Othman Mustafa Buzan, is believe to be born in Qalij Warian, Kobani, Syria on 15 June 1989 – Died in mid-April 2010

Originally posted on Alkarama.