Demonstrators in Iraqi Kurdistan call for investigation of journalist murder


Hundreds of students marched the streets of Sulaimaniyah in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and called for an investigation into the murder of a Kurdish journalist. Sardasht Othman, a Kurdish journalist that was known for his critical writings of the two main political parties in the Kurdistan Region, was kidnapped near Salahadin University in Erbil and was later murdered. His body was found on Thursday in Mosul. Demonstrators blamed the local government for his death.

The Kurdistan Regional Government issued a statement Saturday condemning Othman’s death and promised to bring his killers to justice.

Many activists, as well as international press freedom watchdogs, issued statements demanding an immediate investigation. Reporters Without Borders issued the statement: “We call on the authorities to shed light on his death. Those responsible must be arrested and tried. We also urge the government of Kurdistan to accept the gravity of the situation and to ensure that journalists are protected.”