Iran: Two More Kurdish Political Prisoners Sentenced to Death


Two Kurdish political prisoners, Mohammad Amin Abdollahi and Ghader Mohammadzadeh, residents of Mir-Abad in Bookan, were sentenced to execution by a second court held for them in Orumiyeh.

The two prisoners were arrested in Mir-Abad of Bookan. They are accused of working with Kurdish anti-government groups. They were first sent to a prison in Bookan and then transferred to the Central Prison of Orumiyeh.

Mohammad Amin Abdollahi is 25 years old. In the first court held for him, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. On January 16, 2010, in the second court in Orumiyeh, he was sentenced to execution for “endangering national security” and “acting against God.”

Ghader Mohammadzadeh who is 32 years old, was first sentenced to 32 years in prison, but later in the same court held for Mohammad Amin, he was sentenced to execution. Mohammad Amin Abdollahi and Ghader Mohammadzadeh both live in Mir-Abad in Bookan. They both endured violent torture methods and great pressures during the arrest and questioning process.

The number of Kurdish political prisoners sentenced to death is now twenty.

The other 18 are:

1-Zeinab Jalalian, resident of Maku, Kermanshah Prison, execution
2-Shirkooh Moarefi, resident of Baneh, Saghez Prison, execution
3-Habib Latifi, resident of Sanandaj, Sanandaj Prison, execution
4-Sami Hosseini, resident of Salman, Orumiyeh Prison, execution
5-Jamal Mohammadi, resident of Salman, Orumiyeh Prison, execution
6-Rostam Arkia, execution
7- Rashid Akhkandi, execution
8-Hossein Khezri, resident of Orumiyeh, Orumiyeh Prison, execution
9-Farzad Kamangar, resident of Kamyaran, Evin Prison, execution
10-Ali Heidarian, resident of Sanandaj, Evin Prison, execution
11-Farhad Vakili, resident of Sanandaj. Evin Prison, execution
12-Mostafa Salimi, resident of Saghez, Saghez Prison, execution
13-Anvar Rostami, execution
14-Iran Mohammadi, resident of Miando’ab, Orumiyeh Prison, execution
15-Mohammad Amin Agooshi, resident of Piranshahr, Orumiyeh Prison, execution
16-Ahmad Pouladkhani, resident of Piranshahr, Orumiyeh Prison, execution
17-Hossein Tale’ee, resident of Maku, execution
18-Shirin Alam-Hoei, resident of Maku, Evin Prison, execution
Translation by: Neda Shayesteh