Iran: Unrest following Ehsan Fattahian's Execution


Human Rights Activists in Iran report that following Ehsan Fattahian’s execution, a peaceful demonstration was held in Sanandaj. During the rally, the people chanted slogans such as “Stop Executions”, “Yes to Free Life, No to Execution”. The demonstrators were met with anti-riot forces that dispersed the protesters using batons. Several protesters were injured and ten were arrested. The demonstrators were turned over by the police to the Sanandaj Intelligence Office.

At the same time, prisoners in Sanandaj Central Prison where Ehsan was executed, continued their hunger strike, which began following Ehsan’s transfer to solitary confinement ahead of his execution. The warden of the prison visited the political prisoner’s ward and threatened the prisoners. He threatened Habibollah Latifi, a Kurdish activist on death row, to implement the sentence soon. Following Ehsan’s execution political prisoners in Central Orumieh Prison began a three-day hunger strike. They demanded an end to the executions of Kurdish political prisoners and an improvement in their rights.