Komakal: Three civilians die as a result of landmines near Paveh


Source: Komakal.com

On the 23rd of July, thousands of people from the villages of Newsood, Shoshme, Neysane and the town of Paveh attended the funeral of three people killed by landmines in Kurdistan of Iran.

The three people have been reported as Kwestan Mahyadinzadeh the son of Kayhan Mahyadinzadeh, a member of the city council in Paveh, Tawfiq Shukri from the village of Shoshme and Hayas Mehdeyani from Neysana village.

Every year tens of people die and hundreds are maimed because of landmines in the Kurdish towns and villages in the western frontier of Iran. During the 8 years war between Iran and Iraq, both governments laid thousands of mines in the region and they have failed to clear the region of these mines.

Iran is not a signatory to the Mine Ban Treaty which prohibits the production, stock-piling and use of anti-personnel mines.

23 July 2009

Translated by: HROK Committee

Other source: Fars News Agency (Farsi)