HROK: People arrested and detained in Mahabad


Source: Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan

On the 13th of July, traders and businessmen of northern towns of Kurdistan went on strike, which were widespread in cities such as Saqez and Bokan. In Mahabad these strikes were particularly extensive.

In response to the strikes in the bazaars, Basij militia have drawn up a list of businessmen and trades, as well as members of different guilds and associations, which they have started arresting and detaining. It is alleged that the strikes were staged in response to the political assassination of Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou, a prominent Kurdish leader that was assassinated 20 years ago.

It has been reported that the list consists of 400 individuals, including political and civil society activists.

Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou was the leader of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan – an Iranian opposition party outlawed by Tehran – and was killed in the Austrian capital on July 13, 1989 by commandos who were never apprehended. Every year on the anniversary of his death, Kurds commemorate him by staging protests and strikes.

Friday, July 24th, 2009