KHRP: Kurdish civilians impacted by Turkish and Iranian military operations


The Kurdish Human Rights Project (KHRP) expresses concern for civilians impacted by cross-border military operations by Turkey and Iran in Kurdistan. KHRP conducted a fact-finding mission in the region and met with civilians that have been directly impacted by the operations.  KHRP released this report:

A KHRP delegation returned yesterday from a fact finding mission in northern Iraq which examined the impact of cross-border military operations by Turkey and Iran on the Kurdistan Regional Government and civilians.

The group met with a number of civilians as well as national and international representatives during the mission.

Reflecting on the meetings, Kerim Yıldız, Executive Director of KHRP, said, ‘The ongoing fear of air strikes is compounded for those civilians who have been displaced by the military operations. The suffering of these civilians is particularly troubling in light of the persecution and repression Iraqi Kurds faced for years under Hussein’s government. Despite the hope that the establishment of the Kurdistan Regional Government would bring much-desired peace, civilians continue to live in the shadow of violence.’

The mission will provide valuable evidence for applications KHRP is preparing to submit to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). These cases will continue the work of KHRP in representing victims of the cross-border military operations in northern Iraq. Six such KHRP cases are currently before the ECHR, involving 76 applicants.

The findings from the fact finding mission will be compiled and published in the upcoming months.