New accusaitons and charges brought against Kurdish prisoners [Updated]


Via Human Rights Activists in Iran:

On the morning of Jan 17th 2009, Mr. Ali Haydarian and Mr. Farzad Kamangar were transferred from Rajae city prison to the public court of Tehran to be given additional new charges. Mr. Farhad Vakily was also transferred from Evin prison to this court.

Their trial took place without the representative counsels of these individuals.

Mr. Farhad Vakily and Mr. Ali Haydarian who are Kurdish political activist were accused and charged of Forgery of Documents. They along with Mr. Farzad Kamangar, whose charges were dismissed by court, were returned to the prison.

It is to be reminded that these three individuals have been incarcerated for the past thirty months and all three have been sentenced to death. Mr. Ali Haydarian and Mr. Farhad Vakily in addition to their death sentence have now also been given a ten year sentence.

At this time all mentioned judgments against these individuals are official

It appears that new charges are being brought against Kurdish prisoners who have mounted a hunger strike to protest the Iranian government’s actions.

Ronak Safarzadeh, an imprisoned member of Azarmehr Association of Women of Kurdistan and of the One Million Signature Campaign, was summoned to the court and indicted due to her participation in the prisoners’ hunger strike.

Dr. Mohammad Sharif and Ronak’s family have confirmed the news regarding her court appearance. This has happened after it had been reported in previous records that Hana Abdi, another women’s rights activist, was transferred from Hamedan Prison to Meshkin Shahr Prison.

It is worth mentioning that Ms. Fatemeh Goftari was tried with the same accusations after her hunger strike. Furthermore, tens of other prisoners have been have faced punishment due to their participation in Kurdish political prisoners’ hunger strike. The result was the transferring of 54 prisoners of Maku Prison.