New facts unearthed in Kamangar's case


According to Khalil Bahramian, the lawyer for the imprisoned Farzad Kamangar, new facts have been revealed that prove his client’s innocence, and as such requires Kamangar’s immediate release from prison, reports Iran’s Human Rights Voice.

Khalil Bahramian, the lawyer representing Farzad Kamangar, announced the recent discovery of a fact in the case of the Kurdish activist sentenced to death.

Mr. Bahramian, in a short interview with Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, stated: “Mr. Kamangar’s death sentence was planned to be carried out on July 28, 2008. However, agents from the Ministry of Intelligence, faced with some ambiguous issues, prepared a report and sent it to the Minister of Intelligence and to judicial authorities to cease the execution order. Finally, after a series of investigations, it became clear that the lawyer for another individual involved in the same case, who had previously headed the Revolutionary Court in one of the cities in Kurdistan province, in exchange for a large sum of money, had assured the release of his client by framing and accusing Mr. Kamangar. Even though the lawyer for the other accused managed to frame Mr. Kamangar as the main culprit, he did not succeed in preventing the issuance of a capital punishment sentence against Mr. Kamangar.

At the end of interview, the lawyer for Mr. Kamangar announced that he had met with his client last Wednesday, and he said he was surprised when he heard about Mr. Kamangar’s transfer to Rajaei Shahr Prison, stating: “Considering the recent fact-finding in this case, we expect the cancellation of the death sentence and the immediate release of Mr. Kamangar. Also, we expect follow-ups regarding the treatment he has endured during his incarceration and the payment of financial restitution