Imprisoned women's rights activist denied medical treatment


Ronak Safarzadeh

Ronak Safarzadeh, a 21 year old member of the Azamehr Association of Women of Kurdistan and an activist for the One Million Signatures Campaign was has been imprisoned since October 2007 under extremely harsh conditions.

Ronak’s severe infections were continuously ignored by prison officials, and Iran Human Rights Voice now reports that her family’s request for a medical check up have been ignored once again.

Due to both physical and psychological torments and the restrictive conditions of the prison, she is experiencing a number of ailments and she is in dire need of medical treatment outside of the prison. Regardless of Ms. Safarzadeh’s bleak condition, the prison and judicial authorities in the city of Sanandaj have remained silent.

Readers are reminded that Ms. Safarzadeh’s physical condition has gotten worse due to an infection in her ear and teeth and, in spite of repeated follow-ups by her family members, her right to a medical visit has been rejected for the fourth time.