Presiding Judge in Hana Abedi Case Not Aware of Her Exile


From Iran Human Rights Voice:

Hana Abedi is a Kurdish student who has been in detention for the past fourteen months, with the last two months spent in exile in Razan Prison in the city of Hamedan. Her family members have repeatedly tried to convince the presiding judge to allow her a 10-day relief from the prison.

A few days ago, the family members of Ms. Abedi went to the Revolutionary Court in the city of Sanandaj to follow up on the development of their daughter’s case. The presiding judge, with the excuse that he was not aware of Ms. Abedi’s exile, said he would send the case for another review by the appeals court. Such claim by the presiding judge of the case is a major cause of concern and worry by the family members of the imprisoned student.

Ms. Abedi was accused of activities against national security and she received 18 months imprisonment combined with exile to Razan Prison in Hamedan.