Four Iranian Kurds arrested in Iran


On the second of November, Human Rights Activists in Iran reported that Iranian security forces arrested four Kurdish citizens – Variya Eskandari, Diyakoo Qobadi, Majid Veysi, and Vahid Nabizadeh. From Iran Visual News:

According to this human rights website, Vahid Nabizadeh, 25, a resident of the city of Salmas in Iran’s northwestern province of Western Azarbayjan, was arrested by Iran’s security forces on charges of “collaborating with the Kurdish opposition”. He is currently being held at that city’s Intelligence Ministry’s detention center.

The website also reports that Nabizadeh’s residence was searched and his car impounded.

The same source yesterday also reported of the arrest, two weeks ago of Majid Veysi, 25, in the village of Mirannamak of the township Salas-baba-jani, in Iran’s Kermanshah Province, on charges of cooperating with the opposition parties. The site also reported that Veysi has until now been prevented from meeting with his family and his lawyer.

The time of the arrest of two other Kurdish-Iranian citizens, Variya Eskandari and Diyakoo Qobadi was given by the same website as 5 Aban [26 October], but the human rights website said it had no information either about their whereabouts or about the charges against them.

After almost 50 days, where families of the detainees were left unaware of the condition of their member’s condition, it has recently emerged that Variya Eskandari and Diyakoo Qobadi were transferred from were transferred from the detention center at the Intelligence Headquarters to the Central Prison in Sanandaj.

Their legal proceedings were suspended as the judge overseeing their case had travelled for Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca).