Four Kurds arrested in Iran


In a translation of a news report by the Mokrian News Agency, Iran Human Rights Voice reports that four Kurdish citizens have been arrested in Iran.

During the past couple of days, four Kurdish citizens from the villages around Orumiyeh, who have been identified as Salah al-Din Peyravi, Latif Sherafat, Fahim Ebrahimi, and Abdolvahed Abdollahzadeh, were arrested by security forces. Peyravi is from Khoshku in the Tergor region of Orumiyeh, Sherafat is from Razhan in Orumiyeh, and Ebrahimi and Abdollahzadeh are from the Dezeye Margur region in Orumiyeh. These people have been held in Orumiyeh Prison for two weeks, and have been charged with cooperation with anti-government parties.