Bodies of innocent victims of Saddam's Anfal campaign found in Southern Iraq


Saddam Hussein’s regime was perhaps mostly known for its ongoing genocide of Kurds, one of the darkest moments of Kurdish history. Recently, the remains of 150 Kurds who were victims of this systematic torture and abuse were found in Southern Iraq, forcing us to remember the severity of Saddam’s deplorable oppression against Kurds that has continued for decades:

NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) – Iraqi officials flew the remains of 150 Kurds found in a mass grave home to Kurdistan on Wednesday, after a moving ceremony that paid tribute to victims of repression under ousted dictator Saddam Hussein.

The mass grave was first discovered by a farmer in an area near the southern city of Najaf three months ago, containing the remains of men, women and children. Officials identified them as Kurds by documents on some of the bodies.

For the ceremony at Najaf airport, the coffins were set out in five rows wrapped in flags of Iraq and the autonomous Kurdish region, before being loaded into a cargo plane and flown to the Kurdish regional capital, Arbil.

Tens of thousands of Kurds were killed, villages were razed, and many civilians were rounded up into camps in southern Iraq during Saddam’s “Anfal” campaign against Kurds in 1987-1988.

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