Another Kurdish journalist assassinated in Iraq


The Middle East News reports:

Unknown gunmen shot dead a 28-year old journalist [Dyar Abbas Ahmed] and an artist on Friday in the northern province of Kirkuk, according to Iraqi police sources.

CNN reported that Dyar worked with Ain, an Iraqi news agency.

In July of this year, 23 year old Soran Mama Hama, also a Kurdish journalist, was assassinated in the same location (Kirkuk, Iraq.) Activists are still demanding investigations in order to know why and precisely by whom he was killed.

An editor in Kirkuk, Ahmed Mira, previously noted that such violence is committed in an attempt to “silence the free voices in Kirkuk.”

He called the murder “a very dangerous” development for the region’s media.

[Full article here.]

Dyar’s death justifies these claims and shows that the threats are getting increasingly dire.