In Iran, a Kurdish Youth is shot by Security Forces and left to die


Special Report from Kurdish Aspect:

A Kurdish Youth is shot by Iranian Security Forces and is left to die bleeding

A disturbing video has appeared on Youtube of Iranian Pasdarans of the Islamic Republic [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)] wrapping the body of an alive Kurdish teenager at a remote location in Piranshar in Iranian Kurdistan. Rostam, the 15-year-old Kurdish youth was killed by Iranian Pasdarans of Islamic Republic and the clip shows the youth still alive as Iranian Pasdarans wrap his body then make away with casual conversations.

As revealed by the video, a member of the Iranian Security Forces says, “He is alive, he’s not dead”, but the gunmen in uniform do not take any action to help the youth. The Pasdarans do not only call for any medical help and also do not attempt to take any action to save the youth’s life.

Later in the video, one of solders says, “Let him die” and they leave the body where they place it not distance from the place where he laid bleeding to death..

The Pasdarans appear to be asking one another in the video whether the youth is a Kurdish rebel but they seem unsure. According to several local sources, when the Iranian Security Forces shot him to death, Rostam was riding by horse. Several said Rostam was not smuggler nor had he done anything to threaten the national security of Iran.

Despite these claims, witnesses say the Iranian Security Forces of Iran continuously shoot and kill Kurdish people in Kurdistan like Rostam everyday near the border. None of these types of murders near the border have never been examined by the Iranian courts.

Instead, as many claim, the killers are generally promoted for their crimes. Such appraisals of these murders have encouraged Security Forces to use guns against innocent people in Kurdistan. – Report by Aman Suleyman. Gurgin Bakircioglu also contributed to this report.

The video may be seen here.

Warning: Viewers may find this film very disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.