Syrian Forces attack and arrest Kurds during May Day Celebrations


From Kurdish Aspect:

Syrian Forces suppress more Kurdish Festivals on May Day

Syrian authorities prepared to break up another Kurdish celebration, this time marking May Day or International Workers’ Day. Security forces confronted Kurdish celebrators in the city of Ayn al-Arab (Kurdish: Kobane) using tear gas and fired live bullets over the heads of the celebrators. There were dozens of arrests made during the event and Syrian forces confiscated many of the belongings of the celebrators who ran away in fear of losing their lives. Many left many of their personal belongings behind such as their motorcycles and other items, which the Syrian Forces confiscated.

The Kurds in the celebration shouted slogans in support of the Democratic Union Party of Syria and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. The celebration remained peaceful but Syrian Security Forces arrived to the site of the celebrations and demanded that the crowds disperse. When the crowd refused, the Syrian Security Forces began firing shots in the celebrators’ direction and using tear gas. Kurdish youth began hurling stones back at the Syrian Security Forces before the Security Forces charged the crowd and began indiscriminately making arrests.

Dozens were arrested but not all those in custody have been identified. Among those known to currently be in the Syrian authorities’ custody are Mohammed Ahmed, Abdul Qadir Ibrahim, Abu Ihid, Kawa Jammu Abu Mohammed, Mustapha Ben Sheikhan, Mohamed Ahmed Nuri, and Khalil Nebo.

A video of a portion of the events that unfolded in Ayn al-Arab (Kobane) can be seen on YouTube:

The original report in Arabic can be found published on the Syrian Elector by clicking here