The Other Iraq: Who are the Kurds?


This is an interesting excerpt from a documentary which starts by detailing the Kurdish crisis within Iraq, when Saddam was still its dictator, and then goes on to describe the history of the Kurds.

Note: The beginning features disturbing images of war crimes.

One of the many questions we get about the site is: Why “Arab” network for Kurdish rights? This is because certain Arab countries, namely Syria and Iraq, have abused their Kurdish populations and for the longest time, denied their rights. Despite this, very few Arabs actively condemn such crisis or take effective action against the continuing abuse. We owe it to our Kurdish friends to stand up for their rights.

This is also an attempt to show that we acknowledge the fact that Kurds are very different from Turks, Iranians, and Arabs, and thus they have their own cultures, history, and language which distinguishes them from other Middle Eastern groups. We accept this, embrace it for the sake of diversity, and are concerned about Kurdish minority rights within our region. Hence the creation of this network which will soon be followed by a petition to end Kurdish censorship within the traditional and modern (internet) media.