Introducing Kurdish Rights


Kurdish Rights is a project by independent students who wish to fight for the rights of Kurds in Kurdistan and abroad. In this website, we aim to campaign for Kurdish human rights and spreading awareness about the human rights violations of the Kurds in Kurdistan and in the diaspora as a result of decades of oppression they have faced and continue to face everyday while the international community turns the other way.Traditionally, Kurds were never allowed a voice in mainstream media outlets within our region. We encourage all to join forces with us against coercion, intimidation, hatred, and racism in order to shed some light upon the often forgotten brutality that the Kurds face on a daily basis by oppressive regimes. Now we as students and youth activists are standing up to say “enough!”Expect this platform to be a forceful tool that empowers the Kurdish voice. And most of all, expect us to be very hopeful and ambitious, because we will never give up until we ensure the fact that Kurds in the region are able to benefit from basic human rights which enables them to speak freely and powerfully after many years of silence. It’s time for them to speak up, and it’s time for you to listen.Fight now, fight strong, and don’t give up. Let’s join forces and productively use new technology to promote and enforce this powerful message.